Sunday, November 25, 2012

Frankincense Essential Oil with Cynthia Shankman

Frankincense Has So Much To Offer!


Here is an excerpt of a recent class at Gravity East Village on an
'Introduction to Essential Oils' with Cynthia Shankman.

Here she shares her great wisdom on the benefit of using Frankincense
therapeutic oil from Young Living.

Accent on Wellness offers classes regularly on these wonderful oils many used topically, inhalation, and ingested. Our next class is tomorrow!

To purchase any Young Living Products please call Gravity East Village
at 212 388 9788 or 646 494 1865. 

Frankincense is one of the oldest essential oils
and is used primarily in meditation to improve
one's inner balance.

Frankincense, Boswellia carteri, is also known as
"olibanum," or "oil from Lebanon." Considered the
"holy anointing oil" in the Middle East, frankincense
has been used in religious ceremonies for
thousands of years. It was well known during
the time of Christ and was one of the gifts given
to Christ at his birth. Anciently, the Chinese
used frankincense as a treatment for a range of
ailments. Today, frankincense is still used worldwide
for both its ceremonial and medicinal use.
Frankincense can be used topically, as a dietary
supplement, or diffused.
Primary Benefits
Frankincense can ease many minor aches and
pains, clear the lungs, act as a skin tonic, as well
as calm and soothe the whole body and mind.
Its sweet, warm, balsamic aroma is stimulating
and elevating. Useful for visualizing and improving
one's spiritual connection, frankincense has
comforting properties that help center the mind
and overcome stress and despair. Frankincense
also contains sesquiterpenes which stimulate the
limbic system of the brain-the center of memory
and emotions-and the hypothalamus, pineal,
and pituitary glands.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Are You Addicted?

I was left in the dark this recently due to the destructive nature of Hurricane Sandy. I had some quiet time to work on a new class called 'Are You Addicted?' which will cover our relationship with sugar, caffeine, cacao and why we feel the need to be stimulated.

Take a walk down any street in New York and you will find a Starbucks or coffee house. Even in the East Village when there is no power I see the happy faces of those carrying their sort after cup of joe. I have for the most part avoided caffeine for over 20 years. I remember when each day consisted of that morning coffee and the need for it to get my day going. Recently, I have felt the need for an occasional green tea when it is a rainy day or if I have a long day at Gravity East Village, my Colon Hydro-therapy office in New York.  I found myself starting to look forward to it and having a headache if I drank it more then 2 times a week. We hear all the positive claims about green tea. High in anti-oxidants, doesn't interfere with iron absorption, less acidic than coffee, less cognitive decline, less caffeine then coffee. I started to wonder about this need or dependency on stimulants. Are we fooling ourselves to think they are harmless so we can continue having them guilt-free?

Energy. Honestly, true energy is acquired from rest and sleep. When we drink our coffee/teas looking to be more alert and have better endurance performance it's about what we a lacking. Our lives are stressful. Get up and go, keep going, keep working, pack it all in, take care of children/spouses/home and yourself. Then, sleep, which is not always enough for many people. So, having one or more cups of caffeine can keep the battery juiced. I get it. Then, once you are addicted you gotta have it because you will feel awful if you stop. Caffeine is a drug. It is a poison that the body needs to eliminate by urine/sweat in the form of uric acid. We go into a detox/withdrawal once we stop having it. Then, if consumed the ill feelings go away and we feel great once we get our fix.

For every 6 ounce cup of coffee you may lose 5 mg of calcium, add milk and you have made the situation worse. It reduces the body to use dietary (non-heme) Iron by as much as 40% if you drink one cup of coffee.

Have you ever drank too much coffee and started trembling all over? Well, your kidneys will work overtime to expel the poison that will weaken and degenerate the kidneys overtime. All this stimulation will put stress on your heart, nervous system and blood pressure will go up temporarily. How healthy can it be to have a ritual each day that overtaxes the body on a regular basis?

In America, 9 out of 10 people drink coffee. Then, watch how irritable people become when they don't have it. Caffeine creates a state of crisis. It drives the adrenal glands to produce stress hormones that can remain in the blood for 18 hours after consumption. The cortisol that is pumped out involves a fight or flight response. Energy is sent to the muscles to prepare for the crisis. This reduces immunity and health promoting hormones. Energy for metabolic function is depleted by caffeine toxemia.

Solutions? Stop drinking coffee. Can switch to a Yerba mate or green tea that has less caffeine for a while. Get the juicer making some green drinks. That is a healthy pick-me up! Look at your thyroid and adrenal gland health and get some natural support. Exercise. Get enough sleep. Take an afternoon power nap. And find ways to simplify your life to create less stress for a happier you!

My class will be offered in the near future and there will be much more information that covers this topic. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

7 Reasons To Get A Colonic

7 Reasons To Get A Colonic

1. What Goes In Doesn't Necessarily Come Out.   

Dehydration, late night eating, over-eating, consuming food lacking fiber, and stress can cause constipation. Colon Hydro-therapy wipes the slate clean of unwanted waste that is retained in the colon to support a healthy, youthful YOU!

2. Get That Radiant Glow & Healthy Skin.
Look & feel your most attractive best & everyone will wonder what is your secret to having a gorgeous complexion. Colon Hydro-therapy can be helpful to improve skin problems such as Rashes and Acne.

3. Have More Energy.
Our lives can be very stressful and demanding of our energy. Most of us could use a reservoir of energy to meet life's challenges. Colonics provide oxygen into the blood stream that brings a better chi. Feeling sluggish? The removal of waste in the colon can help feed your trillion of cells more oxygen to provide more energy. Healthy cells equals a younger YOU!

4. Look Younger & Support Weight-loss.
Got a bloated belly? Time for a colonic! Colon Hydro-therapy helps to remove unwanted gases and trapped food. Our cellular body can hold excessive carbonic gases that can make for an overall bloated look. Clear out the colon to support a detoxification that can create a leaner looking body.

5. Detoxify & Cleanse Your Body
Every organ in the body can benefit from Colon Hydro-therapy. Remove toxic build-up & the lymphatic system & blood perform optimally. Create less toxicity with a healthy diet, periodic cleansing & Colonics!

6. Eliminate Constipation
Tone the colon with Gravity Colonics to create a strengthening of the bowel for better elimination which includes a fiber rich diet of whole foods. A colonic session is like taking your colon to the gym!

7. Feel Calmer & More Peaceful
Check out a biology book with a picture of a colon. There is a thread that can be seen. That thread is the nervous system. Often, several pounds of fecal matter can be retained in the colon that can create an irritation that can contribute to anxiety, a negative attitude and a gloomy disposition. Colonics can bring some light into the darkness to create a calmer YOU!

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