Monday, November 30, 2015

BLOG: Feeling Full After The Big Feast?

Make It A Healthy Holiday Season!

Whether you are a healthy eater or not temptation is everywhere. Somehow, we learned that FOOD IS LOVE and we either over-feed others with our food offerings or we overeat ourselves. We eat to celebrate, and we eat to cover up what is lacking in life. Of course, the holiday season emphasizes food consumption to the max and there is little chance to escape the possibility that we may get caught up in the OVER-CONSUMPTION Escapades Of The Season.
Although, my Thanksgiving contained an assortment of healthy foods consumed, I too could not resist enjoying some sweets treats and an extra helping of sweet potatoes that had left me feeling a little over-extended!
The result had left me feeling a little full and heavy! This can be the start of turning up the food cravings. Consume more sweets, more starch foods, and more and more. Before you know it you are dreaming about that bread you thought you could eat just a little of, and all that cheese that you just can't stop thinking about now. And worse, when can I have more wine and chocolate!
The way I 'RESET' is to have a COLONIC! It is interesting that over the last week I have encountered several people suffering with bronchitis. For me this is a no brainer. As soon as you start to feel run down, achy, and getting sick you get a colonic!  
HEALTH BEGINS IN THE COLON! Our body takes a real hit when we overwhelm our digestive system with more food then it can process and make it rich food and drink and that adds up to a real BIG Stress. And what do you get? You get a congested digestive system that is overwhelmed with decomposing food, an unhappy liver and gallbladder and an immune system that can't keep up. This translates
Woman suffering from stomach pain isolated in white.
to a runny nose, exhaustion, a gloomy mood, a cycle of caffeine and sweets and wishing you could feel better again with a 'maybe I will start a better diet tomorrow' intention. Will you? Probably not. Will you after having a colonic? Most likely YES!
Am I a PARTY POOPER? No. I party hard by dancing, playing, sharing and celebrating! And am I a GOOD POOPER? YES! Indeed A Reason To Party!
I hope to inspire you to always go for an extraordinary life and taking care of yourself will give you clarity of mind, a positive attitude, more energy then you thought could be possible, a youthful appearance and to feel comfortable living in this body that was graciously given to you.
Make the choice of Health this holiday season. Visit us at Gravity East Village and
RESET yourself with a COLONIC session. We offer Gravity method colon hydro therapy sessions that allow a gentle flow of water moving simultaneously in and out of the body that makes for an effective easy 'release' experience. We have two treatment rooms, and state of the art water filtration. Your therapist can discuss with you healthy option ideas to improve your diet, inspire you to take action and discuss better digestive health. Lighten up in your core, give your immune system a boost, and support your entire body by removing toxic overload. Take care of yourself this holiday season to end the year feeling and looking your best!
Enjoy a Far Infrared Sauna session at Gravity. You can have a private session of 30 minutes or 60 minutes or share our lovely sauna with a friend. Enjoy the color therapy lights and ambient soothing music if desired. A sauna session will increase circulation,
increase immunity, give you that healthy gorgeous skin that everyone will notice, and is a great relaxing activity to enjoy.
How about a Therapeutic Massage? This is the perfect time to give yourself the gift of pure relaxation. Barbara and Marcela are wonderful licensed Massage therapists that split their time between working at Gravity and at a Chiropractor's office. That means that they are able to treat those tight difficult spots that need a little extra love and they each have a wealth of experience and know how to make you feel transformed.
EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques with Julia Lucas is a tremendous way to learn how to deal with life's stresses. Having some charge about something? Or feeling anxiety or negative emotions?  
EFT is a wonderful technique that can help you deal with any stuck emotions, and anxiety.
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