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BLOG: Introducing Lymph Drainage w/ Kathleen Steindler- LIMITED TIME!

With Kathleen Steindler
Our lymphatic system is complex. It consist of lymph vessels and nodes working to maintain a healthy immune system and to  detoxify the body. Lymph effectiveness can be locally hindered or stopped temporarily
in cases of surgery, trauma, infection, burns, fatigue, stress, and age. Lymph Drainage is a very specific, precise stimulation of Lymph Nodes and Vessels by a hands on technique similar to massage but more specific to the exact anatomy of the Lymphatic System. As a Practitioner, I tune into the direction and quality of the lymphatic flow so I can achieve a more precise results.
Kathleen Steindler's Bio        
A lightening strike in August of '93 propelled me into this work. I was preparing a family dinner when I answered the telephone. Lightening struck through the phone receiver and entered my chin moving over and through my torso at the speed of light to exit my hip. In a painless unconscious flight across the kitchen, witnessed by my family, I woke to the account of the strike. I was unaware of the trauma and felt absolutely fine and very calm. Repercussions from the lightening strike were relatively simple at first. There was a small half inch entrance burn on my chin, an inch and a half exit wound in my hip, and a rash over my torso that looked like a fan of lightening strikes in red and a bump on the back of my head. Doctors told me I was very lucky when they couldn't find any problems. Four years later  the pain appeared  where the exit burn had been. The nerve pain spread throughout the left half of my body. I know personally the wonders of receiving real help and relief from therapists that have a gift of listening and understanding the human body. It has given me a commitment to facilitating healing for others. I refer clients when necessary to therapists of different disciplines. A sliding scale is in place so people can afford facilitated and accelerated healing.
I  have practiced lymph drainage for 17 years. I practiced in Texas and Wyoming for 9 years  and NYC for 8 years. I love the work and have enjoyed so many interesting and courageous clients.

Though my passion is Lymph Drainage, I have acquired skills to address the body as a whole as I care for people.

As a lymphatic therapist,
I have had measurable results for my clients with many different health problems. The most common applications of lymph drainage is for the cancer survivors with lymph node dissection, vulnerable to lymphedema.  Lymph drainage is prescribed for primary lymphedema patients & people experiencing congestion in any area of the body. Lymph drainage is the only prescribed therapy for lymphedema. And a great alternative to diuretics for edema. Lymph drainage can also prevent secondary lymphedema caused by surgery. The Lymphatics are the body's significant system for preventing  and dealing with disease by dispatching white blood cells where and when they are needed. In all cases lymph drainage is very calming and healing.  Patients come to facilitate healing of toxicity, swelling, pain and over all wellness.                          

Testimonials: Bladder Cancer: During Kathleen's treatment I feel pure caring compassion. Her hands  gently traverse an invisible roadmap of lymph and my immune system gets the little boost. my body needs to have healing progress,  My sleep quality also improves. -Irene                                 
Professional  Treatment:  Kathleen's touch is gentle and yet her work goes deep. The lymph work was especially effective after a sinus infection that left a lot  of pain in my teeth.  -Catherine

Kathleen had helped me rid a fibroid in my breast very quickly! She also helped relieve a sinus infection that persisted last year. Her work really made a difference in my getting better! I am so pleased that she will share her talents with our clients.
- Donna Perrone, Founder Gravity East Village

Schedule an appointment today! Call 212 388 9788. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your appointment.

Kathleen is here in NYC for a limited time and will be visiting on an often on-going basis.  
She is available on 12/19 - 9 am to 12 pm , 12/20 - 9 am to 11 am. 12/22 - 12 pm to 4 pm, and she is available on 12/24.
Fee: $150 per 60 minute session. We accept cash, visa or mastercard.
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