Thursday, April 16, 2015

BLOG: Schedule a Session With A Professional Psychic!

Meet Louisiana Zinn 
Your Spiritual Consultant.

Are You Psychically Awake? Louisiana is a highly respected professional psychic with an established track record. Zinn connects with hearts, minds and souls of her clients, using her special abilities to help them envision their future and guide their own destiny. She offers a holistic approach to success - one that connects the heart and mind...and allows you an opportunity to take control of your personal, professional and physical fates.

Fate versus free will. Destiny versus determination. Do we control our future? Our personal and profession success? Our health and well-being? Or is it Preordained by a higher power, a force greater than ourselves?

Louisiana asserts that the answer is not an either-or. Instead it is a yes to both.

Our future successes and well-being require both a discovery of individual destiny and a willingness to take action. Or, in other words, self-empowerment based on a combination of fate and free will.

Is this odd? No. Motivators - whether discussing sales enhancement or good managements skills -- have been saying the same for years. But where they've used words and statistics, Zinn provides specific tools: Manifestation, Meditation, Visualization, Spiritual counseling, Holistic healing.

Her presentations include:
~Motivating from Within
~Abundance & Prosperity
~Metaphysics for Success

Her easy-to-learn, practical techniques help others to discover their own personal identities, as well as, to empower themselves toward action.

Call for information about individual sessions.

Schedule your appointment with Louisiana Zinn at 
Gravity East Village 212 388 9788.

Schedule a session with Louisiana and receive $20 OFF the regular price of $200.
That makes a 50 minute session $180!
The offer is available till June 1st.

Gravity East Village   515 East 5 Street NYC

Listen To My Interview With Louisiana Zinn!
On the topic of psychic development.


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