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Special Gingersnaps Organic & Gravity East Cleanse Package!


Accent on Wellness: Juice Fasting
Accent on Wellness: Juice Fasting

 This is a Fabulous Time to Conduct a Cleanse! No need to spend time preparing food, avoid poor food choices during a busy holiday season, feel light and energetic, and gain inner spiritual insight to reflect on the past year! End the year on a Healthy High by taking the best care of yourself during the holiday season!

Gravity East Village has teamed with Gingersnaps Organic to create a reduced rate on a Cleansing Package. GO GRAVITY includes a choice of either a 3 Day or 5 Day Cleanse. It is important to include at least One Colonic Session as part of your cleansing experience to support the body to truly rid itself of poisons and toxins successfully. A colonic can be done on Day 3 or Day 4 if you have an excellent elimination. If you are a poor pooper or feeling bloated at the start of your cleanse you may want to have a Colonic at the start of your cleanse and include a second session at the end of your cleanse. GEV will extend our discounted price for a second colonic needed as part of your GO GRAVITY CLEANSE.

Gingersnaps Organic offers organic cold pressed juices, smoothies, nut milk that create a modified alternative to a strict juice fast. The 5 Day cleanse will include a raw organic meal on Day 5 to help you break your fast with ease! I love this because this allows the body to cleanse without it being too extreme and intimidating for a busy NYC lifestyle. Please check out our websites to get more information about the Cleanse and call for more information.


Your $280 - 3 DAY cleanse will include:

If you want a quick way to clean house, try our 3 Day Liquid Cleanse and 1 Colonic. Not limited to juice, this cleanse also includes soups and almond milk.

3 days of Gingersnap's Organic Liquid Cleanse (a combination of juice, soups, and almond milk chosen by Gingersnap's Organic)

1 Colonic Treatment at Gravity East Village.

* A Infra-Red Sauna Session may be added at an additional charge.

Your $440 - 5  DAY cleanse will include:

For a deep cleanse with a solid finish, this includes 4 Days of Liquid and 1 Day of our Spirit Junkie cleanse, plus 1 Colonic and 1 Infra-red Sauna session to completely detox.

4 days of Gingersnap's Organic Liquid Cleanse (a combination of juice, soups, and almond milk chosen by Gingersnap's Organic)

1 day of our [GO] Spirit Junkie (a combination of juices, smoothies, nut milk, salad and chia pudding chosen by Gingersnap's Organic. All of which are Raw, Vegan, Organic and Gluten Free) 

1 Colonic treatment at Gravity East Village.

1 Infa-red Sauna Session at Gravity East Village.

*Modifications can be made to the Cleanse for $1 per change and up to 2 changes per order. Ginger Lemonade, Smoothie (savory) and Nut Milk cannot be taken out but the nut milk and lemonade can be switched to sugar free (xylitol/stevia) $1 charge per change.

*We highly recommend using the Colonic and Sauna during your cleanse, but you will have until January 31 2014 to use it.

Please read more about cleanses at [GO] Cleanses.

Please read more about Colonics and the Infa-red Sauna at

You will be charged separately by Gingersnap's Organic and Gravity East Village. Gingersnap's Organic will charge $170 for the 3 day and $300 for the 5 day.  Gravity East will charge $110 for the 3 day and $140 for the 5 day.

There are no refunds or changes of dates for the cleanse. You must book the Gingersnaps's Organic Cleanse 48 hours prior to your cleanse. This does not include delivery. You must call Gravity East Village to schedule your appointments and verify that you are able to have a Colonic cleanse.

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